3 Reasons Why You Need A VPN For Online Shopping

Are you bored in quarantine looking for something to do? It may be tempting to pick up your laptop and start to browse on your favorite retailer’s website. Spending their time indoors, many individuals have turned to online shopping as a way to pass time and also relieve stress. With stores relying heavily on their e-commerce sales and increases in online shopping activity, it is the perfect time to download a VPN and elevate your shopping experience while keeping yourself safe online! Here are 3 reasons why you need a VPN for online shopping:

1. Prevent Targeted Tracking and Advertising

Targeted advertising is a strategy used by retailers with an online presence that looks for distinct characteristics, interests, and preferences of their consumers in the information collected from tracking consumer Internet activity.

Using cookies, retailers and websites can track the IP addresses that visit their site, then direct tailored ads to the same IP addresses to increase their exposure to the product or service. In fact, the interaction between the consumer and the advertisement may stretch across platforms and devices. Find out more about how your Internet activity tracked here:

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Using a VPN while online shopping allows consumers to encrypt their connections from their ISP, usually also giving the ability to discard of browsing history and cookies afterward automatically.

2. Bypass Geo-Targeting

Your Internet connection gives more information than you may think. From your IP address alone, one of the things that are super useful to websites that you visit is your geo-location. Retailers often adjust their prices based on the locations of the shoppers, and if you're in a specific country, you may be paying more than you should be for a product.

VPNs allow shoppers to hide their locations and even choose their preferred locations to search for the lowest prices and best deals possible. Read more about the perils of dynamic pricing and how VPNs can help you save big on flights here: How to Save Money Using a VPN.

Not only do VPNs bypass price restrictions due to geo-targeting, but they also allow consumers to shop from an extended range of products and a wider variety of brands that they can explore from different countries. Hiding your location and choosing your own through a VPN allows you to access retailers from different countries that may either be restricted or unavailable in your country.

3. Secure Your Transactions and Personal Information

Crossing the finish line after a long session of browsing your favorite online stores usually means that it's time for you to enter your credit card information and make your payment. Online shopping naturally calls for shoppers to input their personal and financial information at the point of transaction. The fact of the matter is, without proper encryption or security measures, consumers' personal information is extremely vulnerable and at risk of unauthorized third-party access. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) found that from 2016 to 2017, the number of credit card numbers exposed had risen an astounding 88%, and stated that as more people shop on the Internet, the higher the chance of credit card theft.

Making sure you have a VPN for your online purchases would allow you to protect your personal information (name, street address) and your financial information (credit card number) at the times that they may be the most exposed and vulnerable. Find out more about why you NEED a VPN to encrypt your personal information and protect your online privacy here: 10 Reasons You Should Use a VPN.

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