FreePN Hits 1000 Waitlist Users!

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for the FreePN team. In addition to continuing our work building the first (Linux!) version of FreePN, we've been starting to rev up our marketing engines and have started reaching out to folks about FreePN across the web and in-person. In just a few weeks, we hit 1000 people on our waitlist! We're super excited to have so many people interested in FreePN!

To those of you that are just learning about FreePN or have learned of us only recently, FreePN started off as a simple landing page back in August 2019 and just two posts on social media - one on Reddit and one on Facebook. Eight months later, our team has also started to grow -- we've added three team members who are excited to help bring a product to the world that we all believe should exist - a completely free, open source, unlimited-bandwidth VPN. Privacy is a basic right for everyone and at FreePN we're working to make it as accessible as possible.

In the past months, we've been working hard to build out our backend infrastructure and VPN product. Now, just one month away from our launch on Linux, we are continuing to find many users who are interested in learning more about FreePN and joining our waitlist. For those that came across us via Reddit, Facebook and other various forums, thank you for your interest! To those that we met during the SCALE 18x conference, we're excited that you're on board! For those that have been with us since our first landing page, we appreciate your patience! Our team is hard at work trying to get the first version out ASAP and we're all super excited to show FreePN to the world. We hope you're as excited as we are!

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